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P - 208 type FDQ (vertical) fully automatic fully closed dry cleaning machines
  • P - 208 type FDQ (vertical) fully automatic fully closed dry cleaning machines
  • Model Number:P208
  • Certification:CE,ISO9001
  • Construction:stainless steel
  • Function:dry cleaning
  • Used for:Hotel ,Hospital, Laundry,school
  • Packaging Details:wooden packing
  • Delivery Detail:dilivery 7-25 days
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    P series dry cleaners is the optimal price-performance machine;P - four electro dry cleaners is my company developed the fourth generation of tetrachloroethylene fully enclosed green dry cleaners;The machine features fashion beauty, compact structure, high configuration, covers the world all advanced configuration of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners;Independent development of patent technology, have reached similar foreign product standards.The machine is equipped with dual ecological filter system, 30% of the dry cleaner consumption than ordinary open dry cleaners, reflects the real savings = new investment idea of making money.

    (1) the machine adopts high quality stainless steel construction and all contact with the dissolution of dantian, outer cage cage, air duct, filter, trap,, oil-water separator, solvent distilling pipe parts adopt high quality stainless steel, such as finishing;Solvent box adopts hot-dip zinc advanced anti-corrosion technology, design service life of 15 years on average, is the life of ordinary carbon steel dry cleaners several times.
    (2) the high level of mold production, guarantee the components with high intensity, delicate and beautiful appearance, good for the interchange function.
    (3) fully automatic computer control system, manual, automatic, of arbitrary switching can be arbitrary. Write many sets of automatic laundry program automatically.
    (4) inverter, low-voltage electrical appliances, pneumatic system all adopt the imported and domestic famous brand, to ensure the stable operation of the machine for a long time.
    (5) to guide international washing machinery technology of large diameter give expulsion-typely duct structure, effectively reduce wind resistance, high air volume, quick recovery, make a nap to collect more thoroughly clean.Trap USES the transparent observation hole of elaborate design, effectively reduce the number of open, ensures that your operating environment and health.
    (6) new green ecological filter precision higher carbon core filter (patent technology international creation) does not need to add dry cleaning filter powder, carbon powder;Eliminates the cost of maintenance cleaning, poor XiJingDu, high troubles;The effect of water saving, electricity saving, saves the raw material that wash light color clothes is unparalleled.
    (7) three sets of big store up tank Windows automatically clean, do not need to open the clean up.
    (8) distillation using external steam heating, safe and reliable;All the heat generated by the distillation can enter the drying air duct secondary utilization of thermal energy utilization economic, the real energy saving experts;And equipped with liquid level automatic control device, safe and reliable.
    (9) security door lock equipped, loading door, fuzz collector need to open two key parts, are equipped with pneumatic safety lock device, all door locks are in a state of lock control when the phone is switched on, make you safe operation.
    (10) of Siemens high-performance frequency conversion motor, which can realize continuous work for a long time, the dry speed linear ascension process more smoothly, make the machine more stable.
    (11) refrigeration recycling system all adopt the world famous products, environmental protection and energy saving economic and technical index of the machine.
    (12) and filter easy to corrosion, wear parts such as bearings, adopt Japanese seiko NSK bearings, shaft seals use the world famous quality products, such as Italian CCVI bearings systems do not need to maintain the daily work.
    (13) the structure of the vertical type, suitable for most of the house of the process.
    (14) oil-water secondary separation device, makes separation of solvent and water thoroughly, green economy.
    (15) international standard volume load ratio, large volume of dantian cage, distillation, makes a better clothes XiJingDu, solvent recovery.

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