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Select all steel washing equipment good or choose the semisteel washing equipment

     Many investors in the laundry in the choice of do not know when I was washing equipment is need to select the all steel or half steel, stainless steel cleaning equipment for rust resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, corrosion resistance is strong, so by all food factory, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory in areas such as the user favorite.But in combination with market conditions, ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Technology small make up found that most consumers for this series of washing machines or there is some misunderstanding.
     Small make up think the stainless steel washing equipment and traditional horizontal type washing equipment in the structure, working principle, basic same washing effect.The difference is the selection of materials.For a whole stainless steel washing machine, I think the net force should be big enough to inner and outer tube, casing, partition, base, small to into the drain pipe, screw, nut, machine door, spindle, etc have all can contact with the washing water to the parts by regulation models of stainless steel material production of washing equipment, rather than just inside and outside of the cylinder is made of stainless steel material selection.
     Only so we can only say this because so, consumers want to purchase the stainless steel washing equipment is took a fancy to the rust resistance, corrosion resistance, and if we purchase is an inner and outer cylinder only choose stainless steel manufacture of washing equipment, then will appear after the actual use of stainless steel parts and linen, detergent, washing water to shorten the life of the problem such as rust after contact.Against the original intention of we buy this kind of machine.
Technology small make up think ENEJEAN washing machinery company, since want to choose to buy the whole stainless steel washing equipment, then we will try to buy used models of high stainless steel material manufacturing washing machines.The common several, there are 201, 304, 316, the former two while also can have certain ability to rust and corrosion, but, after all, the nickel ratio is low, so the corresponding appear to rust resistance, salt resistance will be worse than 316 material.So will its use in high salinity environment is still will be rusty problem.
     So for all stainless steel washing equipment, although its price is higher (similar type, all type of stainless steel is better than traditional two to three times as expensive), but it can show more excellent washing effect, so if there is the production requirements, do not have to go to care about the price.
     But small make up in this also need to remind is, the part of the washing equipment manufacturer, juggle with your often do stainless steel material, to sell the machine 201, 304, to sell the machine 304, 316.So here we remind all users to actually take a note of choose and buy, the early stage of the purchase contract and annotation, should entrust a specialized institutions identified after purchase, abnormal should be handled timely ideas.