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In 2015, industrial washing equipment buying guide manual

    Time goes by so fast it will end in a few days of 2014, to 2015 you invest laundry friend what is the plan?It is need to add new equipment or is flat, so for the selection of the washing equipment of many investors are still more confused, many investors to buy back the washing equipment very not good, not suitable for own use is decided by whether the selection of proper before buying.So the demand of consumers, the different how to choice?ENEJEAN washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The technology of small make up specially arrange released the following washing equipment selection manual, hope can give you help.
An overview,
    Industrial washing equipment refers to the monocular capacity in more than 20 kilograms, can undertake whole washing large cloth of all kinds of grass and can obtain good washing effect of mechanical equipment, its known as large washing equipment, industrial washing machines, industrial washing machines and so on the title, is currently the hotels, hotels, hospitals, factories and other places in the laundry room of standard products.
Second, the classification of
     Current industrial washing equipment according to the automatic mode can be divided into two broad categories, fully automatic and semi-automatic and fully automatic refers to a single machine can complete a variety of operating functions, such as fully automatic washing and washing and drying machine the latter for single machine can complete one kind of operating functions, only like horizontal industrial washing equipment and industrial washing machine.
     Classified according to its application domain, and can be divided into conventional and unconventional, the conventional type is applied to each hotel such places for traditional linen washed processing machinery and equipment, and non-standard type is used for hospitals, purifying workshop, and other special places for unconventional special class linen washing of water processing equipment, such as our health isolation type washing equipment.
    According to its single drum capacity can be divided into 15, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 150, 400 kg, and other models, including automatic type for 15-150 kg range.For semi-automatic type is 20 kg to 400 kg range.
Three, production manufacturers
    Are industrial washing equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, the total number of added up to more than 10000, more than foreign concentrated in Italy, Finland, Germany, the domestic is more concentrated in taizhou, Shanghai, guangdong, shandong and other places, in terms of the current domestic industrial washing equipment manufacturers, the minority of individual as hna star, jiangsu sea lions machinery, industrial washing machines made in taizhou in the most well-known, and also is the most widely application scope and well received by users.
    Four, the quality evaluation
    For industrial washing equipment quality by its decision, selection of material, structure, after-sales service on select material, generally choose higher strength, better rust corrosion resistance of stainless steel production to is better than that of the conventional type material production, general parts equipped with famous brand is better than general brand, general dare give full after-sales service to ensure their products, than in after-sales service cannot provide guarantee and no power to provide better after-sale guarantee.
    Five, the product price
    The same brand of industrial washing equipment, different types, different capacity of the same type, and the type and the capacity of different material, the corresponding prices are also different.50 kg semi-automatic industrial washing machine, for example, if choose all type of stainless steel that is as high as tens of thousands of yuan.Price of the product is also controlled by the corresponding sales model, direct manufacturers of natural than agent sales way much cheaper.
    In general, industrial washing equipment, after all, is a higher sale price.So we have to consider in the selection of comprehensive, implementation in place, do not get cursorily, finally let us buy a is not applicable to industrial washing equipment or price is not high.